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  1. Darc Knight

    Smart Index Fund Investing

    I'll start this thread as it looks like people have missed the point of my Lazy Portfolios O.P. People can continue to post their preferred Index Funds there but if we could please make this a thread about overcoming some of current problems with Index Funds. Problem one I see is that the...
  2. Boggo

    Are you Smart or Stoopid?

    Just in case you are all looking for something to do this weekend here is a link to a short test. You have eight seconds to answer each question. Boggo :D
  3. Trembling Hand

    You're not smart enough

    Now I have your attention the thread should be named "Your not smart enough for short Cuts because its not what counts" From a discussion in the Beginners - Introduce yourselves! thread I thought I would start a discussion about something that I have always found a little strange. Why...