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  1. Zaxon

    Do Small Caps Outperform the Market?

    I've run the math to see whether small caps actually outperform the market over a long period of time. I find from 1972-2019, the CAGR (annualized returns) are: US Large Caps: 10.27% US Small Caps: 11.70% US Stock Market: 10.33% So small caps do outperform the rest of the market, albeit they...
  2. Mr Bear

    Small Cap Investing 12 Month Portfolio High Return

    I'll be providing a look at my ASX portfolio of small cap stocks, a monthly portfolio will be provided with holding period of 12 months. At some point I will provide either my European or French small cap trades as well. Theory is: *Cheapest stocks with highest momentum. *12 month holding...
  3. aus_trader

    Speculative Stock Portfolio

    I buy a few speculative stocks every now and then with money I can afford to lose, so smallest parcels of around $500 each per stock. '...with money I can afford to lose' is very misleading as it sound like I have excess that I don't know what to do with ! Quite the opposite is true, I am an...
  4. O

    Why do small caps keep changing their names?

    Looking at a lot of small caps and they seem to have name changes left right and centre. Is this due to trying to get new investors????
  5. I

    Which brokers offer CFDs on small caps?

    Hi I'm a fairly active trader, maily stocks but recently breaking into the CFD world particularly in small caps, however I can't find a broker that offers them on many small cap ASX stocks. Any suggestions?? Anyone else trying their hand at small cap CFD trading? imforforex