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  1. T

    EW - East West Petroleum Corporation

    East West Petroleum Q3 Results Released November 30th 2020. Information below can be found on Sedar. Symbols: EW(Canada) & EWPMF(USA) Prices: $0.045CAD & $0.03USD Common Shares: 89,585,665 Website: Financial Results, Ending September 30th 2020 - keeping in mind that...
  2. fiftyeight

    Small Cap Price Fluctuations

    I have been looking at GRK for a while as I am interested in geothermal and other green technologies. Why does the share price fluctuate so much between 0.001 and 0.002? I know its not that simple but it would be nice to buy at 0.001 and sell at 0.002. Cheers
  3. jbocker

    What defines Small and Medium cap stocks (ASX)?

    Hi What defines the small cap stocks? Is it those stocks that are under $X when price x number of shares are calculated, and does it exclude the 'penny dreadfuls'. Do they have to be dividend payers? Is there an accepted range that defines medium caps. Is it related to the ASX 500, ASX 300...
  4. B

    Kris Sayce Australian Small Cap Investigator

    Has anybody used his advice? or know anything about him?