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  1. SirRumpole

    The small (or larger) business thread

    This is a general thread for all your experiences in starting, managing and growing a business. What attracted you to the area you business in in ? How did you get finance ? How did you do your markets research ? What are the do's and don'ts ? Were you well served by legislation, unions and...
  2. T

    Purchasing a small business - professional valuation

    I'm a young health professional and an opportunity has arisen to purchase a business in my field. I know this isn't about shares or macro stuff but ASF has some of the smartest, knowledgeable, and helpful people I know (well I guess I don't really know you all but I admire your posts) I've...
  3. havaiana

    Small Business/Marketing Experts, help me out please

    I know there are a few guys around this forum who run their own businesses. I've just started doing some work for a mate of mine who has a good little business. It started out as a niche business and has never been marketed at all, all clients are just people in his network plus word of mouth. I...
  4. O

    Websites for investing in Aussie startups/small business ideas?

    Are there any aussie or global websites for investing in Australian start up / small business ideas / inventions ?
  5. tech/a

    Small Business owners -- How are you faring?

    Im in Civil Construction Well for me we have halved in size. Turnover down 50% Profit down 40% Lots of pricing up 20% on this time last year but majority doing nothing just not going ahead. Pricing is just crazy. So So Cheap just to keep people employed and machine leases paid (Well...