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  1. M

    3-4 hours sleep a day

    So the last 5 years I only sleep 3-4 hours a day. I often worry about the health implications. I've gotten so use to it that the most I can sleep is generally 6 hours if I really force myself. Anyone else with similar sleep patterns?
  2. B

    I can't get no sleep! Moving from US Options to AU?

    Hi all, first post here and relatively new to options trading. I've found some previous posts and there has been some useful information but forgive me for any duplication on like-issues :) In short, I'm just reaching out for some feedback as I feel I'm at a fork in the road with my...
  3. M

    US Option Traders - When do you sleep?

    I'm wondering how those that trade US Options deal with the time difference between USA & Australia I'm only interested in nights where you have resolved to put a trade on or take one off. The question may also apply to Stock & Futures traders - but it is really important to Option traders...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    Did Anyone Else Sleep Through The End Of The World?

    I awoke this morning and was still here. Whatever happened to the Mayan Prophesy? Whatever happened to the Budget Surplus? Whatever happened to Common Sense? Whatever happened. Am I still alive and in debt? gg
  5. B

    WebIRESS logoff when notebook sleeps

    I have two Windows 7 notebooks. On one (a Sony S Series), the computer can go into sleep mode indefinitely and, when it wakes, WEBIress will still be logged in and all ready to use. On the other notebook (a Dell Latitude E6320), after a few minutes sleep and then a wake, WEBIress is logged...