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sim trading

  1. tech/a

    Sim Trading Platform

    Have someone who wants to practice sim trading Index futures without opening an account. Is there software that is cheap or free that can be accessed with data live or even R/T delayed? Ninja trader? If they cant get free data then they will have to pay for it. Does Ami broker have a R/T...
  2. CanOz

    Scalping the HSI & the K200 (SIM)

    Well this was certainly worth another thread IMO...compared to the practice i did on the DAX, the HSI is so fast. Even with the DAX on x3 speed its nothing compared to this. There must be quite an adjustment period in order to master this. At the same time there is some great momentum moves if...
  3. pavilion103

    Simulated/Hypothetical trades

    I thought it would be good for people to be able to get opinions/ask questions about either trades they are currently in or looking at getting into. I am a beginner who is running a simulator. The first one I'd like to get advice on is the following: PDN. I shorted this one in the simulator...