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  1. Sean K

    ETPMAG - ETFS Physical Silver ETF

    I have this one on the radar once silver starts it's run. ETFS Physical Silver (ASX Code: ETPMAG) offers low-cost access to physical silver via the stock exchange and avoids the need for investors to personally store their own bullion. ETPMAG offers investors a simple, cost-efficient and...
  2. derangedlawyer

    ASX silver stocks

    Some go with the silver ETF quoted on the ASX, ETPMAG as there isn't a silver equivalent of GDX (basket of mid-large sized gold miners) or GDXJ (junior gold miners). So what are your favourite sexy looking silver miners listed on the ASX? Quite a few mentioned here...
  3. TheScientist

    Unhedged EURO Physical Silver ETF?

    Hi All, I would like to buy a physical backed Silver ETF with Euro as base currency (unhedged). Any suggestions? I use IB
  4. K

    DRE - Dreadnought Resources

    Floating shortly. Looking at jumping on. Opinions? Prospectus looks good to me. Anyone else on board?
  5. M

    Gold and Silver should be here

    They are traded from currency desks and gold is held by central banks.
  6. System

    PRS - Prospech Limited

    Prospech currently owns 81%, and has rights to acquire the remaining 19%, of highly prospective exploration licences in the Hodrusa-Hamre/Banska Stiavnica mining district and the nearby Nova Bana goldfield of Slovakia where more than 1,000 years of historical production is estimated to have...
  7. SFA

    Investment Myths

    Investment Myths There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around on the internet about investments. Advice such as diversify your investments, only invest in bluechips, buy cheap, etc. The biggest lies are “investment is too risky, so just leave it to the ‘professionals’ to do the...
  8. Userman

    SSE - Silver Spruce Resource Inc. (CVE)

    $SSE.V $SSEBD Silver Spruce Updates on Preparations for Drilling High Grade Pino de Plata Project
  9. Userman

    CUG - Cyprium Mining Corporation (TSX-V)

    Production Starts at High Grade Potosi Silver / Zinc Mine - Reports Oxide Zinc Assays Results Averaging 30% Located next to Mag Silver (MAG.T) in the historic Santa Eulalia mining district, largest carbonate...
  10. explod

    Silver, physical shortage

    Just had a mate email me for info on where he may be able to obtain physical silver in Melbourne. He stated that from his enquiries there seemed to be a growing shortage of silver yet no one seems to want to talk about it. I have myself noted in the last month or two a growing gap between...
  11. youngone

    Why Silver

    Why the world needs silver.
  12. P

    I want to buy Silver Stock: How?

    Hi Guys, I am buying Silver from ABC bullion for last few months but i want to leverage. is there any company where i can buy shares ( if company deal in silver etc ) or any other way to leverage while buying silver or even gold. Sorry I am a pure newbie to share market. hope you guys...
  13. explod

    Gold/Silver Bullion Investment

    Having a perusal of the thread this morning, the "Gold Price Where is it Heading", I noticed that out of the last nine posts, eight where off topic and involved questions on how best to invest in bullion. At this stage I will not post a view but let the thread develope, in the hope that it...
  14. I

    Salary in Silver Coins

    I read somewhere in the last few weeks that a company director was paying himself in legal tender silver coins. This meant his income was counted on the face value of the coin i.e. a Kookaburra is legally $1. Cant find the story now ,, anyone see it? was going to toss it to my accountant...
  15. kransky

    How to go long on silver, gold, platinum, sugar etc?

    I am searching for a way to do this. I dont see how to using comsec my current broker. I am not an "active trader" though, i estimate i'll make 1 trade per week
  16. D

    Gold and Silver in free fall

    Not good :goodnight
  17. Y

    RIM - Rimfire Pacific Mining

    :) Hi folks, RIM ..... currently has 2 significant transiting cycles, which may signal a change in market sentiment for this stock. Figure that it will be another stock that will tick up very slowly, like CVN (and EGO too?). Short-term cycles for RIM may feature, on...

    Silver... support levels?

    Can these

    SILVER... Elliott Wave Count...

    SILVER ... Elliott Wave Count ... possible Elliott Wave count ......Silver (daily views )

    Silver vs. Gold

    Silver vs Gold Silver bugs believe that, like gold, silver is money. They also believe that the silver price is going to vastly outperform the gold price because of silver's supply shortage. But silver is not money; it's a commodity whose price is far more dependent on industrial...