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  1. AignerAndreas

    Demark Buy/Sell Indicators

    If you are looking for free Demark Buy and Sells on stocks go to It provides global indicators as well. It doesnt cost anything and you can subscribe via twitter, reddit or on the site.
  2. R

    AUS200Cash signals

    i have attach intraday 5min and short term trade 15min chart
  3. R

    Gold signals

    Friday gold sell@ 1288.91 target 1272
  4. Bull&BearFX

    Feedback and Guidance

    Hello, I would like to open a discussion on the best ways traders think signals are sent out and what company's provide them? Regards, Dino Mehinagic
  5. K looks good, but...

    Has anyone used with any success? They seem ok, and they purport to publish their historical results - in fact, they say "with integrity and honesty we make our previous results available", but then there is an asterisk that says *hypothetical results, blah blah blah... So...