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  1. D

    Parcel of shares to short

    Hi guys I’m new to these forums. I’m looking at buying some put options to hedge my assets during this possible downturn. if there were an insurance policy that covered you against the economy crashing I’d buy one. The idea came to me that I could buy some puts on a parcel of companies that...
  2. Zaxon

    Shorting individual stocks

    I'd like to summarize the ways of making money on individual shares during price declines. In the perfect world, it would be like a stock: can hold indefinitely; costs you nothing to hold it; can buy small and medium caps. I'm presuming no such thing exists for shorting, but as close to my wish...
  3. T

    Shorting for reduced Capital Gains Tax

    Gday. New Here. Is there a strategy where you have say 10 positions and trade them Long, then when those positions are moving down you short them , but also keep the long position open. This way you could hold the Stock/ instrument for 12 months paying tax on only 50% of profits. You trade...
  4. mcgrath111

    Shorting/Price manipulation explanation

    Hi all, Hoping someone can provide me a snapshot of how prices can be manipulated/ if they are manipulated by shorting. Arent shorts essentially just the opposite of those going long and if a stock is being heavily isnt it based on negative views / results and sentiment. I.E vocus...on...
  5. G

    Shorting shares vs. CFDs

    hi i'm interested in shorting shares since the markets been going down. i can do it with cfds though as well i've heard, but my skills are with shares. i have amibroker and i can scan shares and look for downtrends. i don't want to learn too much new stuff, so should i look for a broker that...
  6. Y

    Broker for shorting government bonds?

    Hi, Does anybody know of a broker through whom I can short an Australian government bond? I am having trouble finding a reputable Australian broker that even short sells at all. Is this because it isn't cost effective with retail clients? Also, I am not interested in options. The ASX...
  7. F

    Options for shorting AUD vs. USD?

    Hi, I am very new to the world of derivatives and share trading in general. In fact I have yet to find a broker. However I have been reading up on it. I would like to short the Australian dollar vs the US dollar (I think this is the right terminology; I expect the AUD to drop vs the USD)...