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  1. Bigbank

    Please help me understand GME controversy better

    Hi, I’ve been interested in investing for a while now so I am not a complete newbie to some concepts however I have a few questions regarding the GME controversy. 1: WHY did Wall Street banks close their shorts?? The stock is already declining in value, why not wait until it goes back to what...
  2. A

    Can't go short on SaxoTraderGO

    Hi I just started using Saxo Trader but can't figure out how to place a short order on the platform. It's not like MT4 trading forex since on there you only have to place the sell limit order as you would a buy and the order just gets placed no problem if you have the margin etc. But Saxo...
  3. cooljammal

    Which broker do you use for shorting stocks?

    I see that some of the threads existing on this topic are years old. Just want to understand the options that we have now if one is interested in shorting penny stocks (INR.asx as an example).
  4. K

    Type of Account needed for short selling trades

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advise on what type of account i would need to open to execute both Long and Short share trades? I've seen CFD accounts, but dont want to utilise a margin, just want to use my own money but to be able to make short share trades as well as long share trades...
  5. baby_swallow

    Online trader begs for help after his short goes south

    Help! My short position got crushed, and now I owe E-Trade $106,445.56 His name is Joe Campbell, and he claims he went to bed Wednesday evening with some $37,000 in his trading account at E-Trade. One notable development on the pharma front later, and Campbell woke up to a debt of...
  6. A

    A few newbie questions

    So over the past few weeks I have become extremely interested in shares. I have researched pretty much everything and decided that I would like to invest using fundamental, buying and selling the companies I select by using technical analysis. So my questions are: Best place to find a good...
  7. B

    Amibroker Coding - combining Long & Short?

    hi, i've been learning and testing with a long system ever since I started on AB recently. i'd like to combine the long with a short system to see how it performs under different conditions. I don;t know how and if this is "the way its done in AB". I realise i am new to AB and probably...
  8. H

    Dividend payout on short position before record date

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me to understand this. I shorted ALL (by CFD) on 1st August 2009 and just closed it today, 2nd September 2009. everything is normal except that there is a cost for "dividend paid". ALL announced the dividend on 25th August 2009. nothing happen to my...