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short term trading

  1. P

    Mentor Wanted!

    Hi, I am a newbie to the page so thanks for having me! Looking forward to being a part of this insightful community! A brief over view of myself and what I wish to achieve; I am 32, currently living in Perth working full time. I have very little trading experience other than using ‘basic...
  2. Frankieplus

    How much should I invest in short term trades?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to work out how much I should invest in short term trades, buy and then sell within days and weeks rather than hold for months... I have never done this before but I have been doing a lot of research and getting advice on which stocks I should trade. Now I know that...
  3. G

    Hull's breakout trading strategy (short term)

    hi while i've been waiting for the market to start to rise again, i've been studying how to trade in other directions (i need the money , so that's why ). i came across one of Hull's systems designed for falling and sideways markets (short term trading). do you anyone tried it b4? reckon...
  4. Roller_1

    Trading short term over earnings releases

    Hi guys i was wondering everyone's point of view about holding positions over earnings releases, when trading a short term discretionary system. Do you hold the position or find it too risky and sell in the lead up?
  5. G

    Short term share trading, ranging markets

    does anyone trade shares (short term, end of day) in horizontal (ranging) markets successfully? bedford (author) reckons one could opt to not trade them when the market is going sideways while Hull suggests his 'breakout' method. I'm guessing it's harder to make profits during these times, or...
  6. G

    Beginner short term CFD trading

    hi for people who trade shares short term, they tend to use advanced charting software to scan for share candidates. what if we are shorting dma based share-cfds? should one conveniently use the same software to scan for share opportunites (in my case, downward moving shares), but then just...
  7. N

    Short term trading versus day trading

    Hi, I have been short term trading for about 3 months.. have clocked up quite a few trades, most of which last between a day and a week. Its not strictly day trading ie buy and sell the same day. I aim for that but sometimes Mr Market does whatever he wants :rolleyes: and it takes a little...
  8. G

    Day trading (or holding for a few days)

    i've been day trading, but holding for a few days, using the stocks that have most high gains reported for the medusa a few days ago, ten, quantas, and other. it seems that it's not too hard to make money. i'm getting profits. am i missing something? i thought it was really hard to make...
  9. M

    Short term snap back trade

    A tactic I've used for a few years, I did not invent it but I have added my own twist to it. Accuracy is so-so but gives great risk to reward ratios. Trades the short term move on end of day bars. Counter swing trade for those brave enough to jump in on it. Not easy when you are going long very...
  10. B

    How do traders avoid paying huge amounts of brokerage?

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie and I had a look through some of the sticky threads but couldn't find my answer there. What I don't understand in short term trading is how people avoid paying huge amounts of brokerage? For example I have some shares I bought a while ago using Nabtrade for buy-and-hold...
  11. K

    Beginner Friendly Short Term Trading Books

    Hey, new member and beginner here. Have read a few books on mid and long term trading, however now would like to study shorter term trading. Something using daily charts whereby shares are usually sold within 1-4 weeks of buying them. Does anyone know of such a book that is good for new and...
  12. L

    Trying to find a short term technical trading ideas website

    I am looking for a short term technical trading ideas website on the top 20 Aussie shares. I am looking for one that keeps it simple.
  13. havaiana

    Short Term Traders, what is your homework?

    Wanted to exchange information and ideas about how short term traders trade. Rather than only a couple of experienced people contributing and everyone else asking them questions on their entires and exits, i'm thinking more about what study/research and homework people who are still in the...
  14. Gringotts Bank

    Avoiding capital raisings in short term trading

    I've had a few too many this year where I get caught with the unexpected capital raising, resulting in a sudden decline in share price while the instos get their fill of cheap shares. Can someone suggest a way of filtering out possible cap raising candidates? I don't want to have to trawl...
  15. IB12

    Main types of short term trading strategies - breakouts, trends, counter-trend

    Hi all, I'm usually a swing and position trader so my knowledge in this area isn't as strong. I'm trying to understand the shorter term mindset, and I'd just like to know what are the main types of trading strategies for short term traders. As far as I can tell there are 3 or 4 main...
  16. G

    Current market volatility - short term trading opportunities

    I'm not sure if this will escape the local censorship board, but it dawned on me while posting in the MQG thread, that there are currently a number of opportunities around for short term trading of big name stocks. This enables a reasonable return without having to visit the more speccie end of...