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short term investing

  1. K

    Breakout Trading Searching Methods?

    Fairly new to trading, am currently breakout trading on paper. Short term stocks, about 1-4 weeks. But it seems my biggest issue is actually searching for stocks, none of the books or tutorials I've read really cover this properly. I use Market Analyst 7 and I have no clue what search parameters...
  2. J

    Short-Term Investing

    Hey all, Im new around here, currently learning about the stock market and all that. Just wanted to make a little bit of extra money, and i dont have too much patience. So i was just wondering if there is anyway to short-term invest? Or is that completely silly and cant make much profit...
  3. L

    Resources on short term investing to read before getting into it?

    Hello, I'm a newbie trying to get into trading by playing those stock market games (one being held by ASX and plan to enter another one that will come out soon) and I would like to know if there was any books, online reputable sources or any threads on this forum or another forum that would lead...