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short selling cfds

  1. TPI

    Can I buy an option to buy a short CFD or short futures contract position?

    Hi there, Is it possible to buy an option to buy a short CFD or short futures contract position? If that makes sense... ?! Thanks.
  2. S

    CFD short selling entry orders

    Hi, i need some clarification and guidance please. Looking at short selling CFD's through IG. For entry orders putting in a stop entry order e.g ABC share trading at $1.00 (I think will drop to $.80) put in an entry sell stop order at $.95 I would presume that if it gets down to that price of...
  3. S

    Short selling using CFDs

    Hi, need some guidance please. Never have short sold stocks before only long but want to start getting involved in ASX shorting. Is using CFD's the only and or best way? I have accounts for long trades at CMC for SMSF and IB for US and Commsec from years ago. Can IB be used for ASX CFD's to go...
  4. matthewdean

    Short Selling CFDs

    Hello, I am just wondering if someone can give me a little more information on selling short? I have been using a CFD Demo account for some time now and have made some large profits selling short on market opens but I could not quite get my head around how I could sell a share for price...
  5. S

    Short selling CFDs - how does it work?

    How does it work when you short sell a company? who are you selling too? what are you selling? I use CMC markets for cfds and it seems like you actually are selling to people who are physically buying these shares, but I have no idea exactly what I am selling to these people. Are they really...