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shares and tax

  1. victoria

    Does anyone know about CBOE?

    Does anyone knows about CBOE? Im looking for BATs, BZX/BYX and EDGX/EDGA trading. If anyone knows about it plz let me know the commisson fee, ECN fees and minimum purchase limit. keep looking at the website, but i can not really find it. many thanks.
  2. Nabtower24

    KOSEC and share reporting

    I'm trying to do my 19/20 tax return with a new Accountant. I have an account with KOSEC who traded through Interactive Brokers. I have been given an activity statement for the Financial year but the number of shares that were bought and sold is not the same amounts as recorded by the ATO!!!! My...
  3. G

    Tax on shares

    Hello All. Quick Question, how does tax on shares work. I'm a student, earning around 20k a year. hardly anything. I've got a little bit of coin saved up so I'm buying and selling when i can, Is it true that every trade i make a profit on i have to pay 50% tax regardless of what my total...