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  1. A

    IB Share Trader Taxation

    Hi All, Hoping I can get some help regarding taxation as a Share Trader ("trading as a business") using Interactive Brokers (IB). Specifically which categories of IB reports to use to do a tax return. On the surface, there appear to be a number of options: 1) The Net Asset value summary...
  2. qldfrog

    Tax return 2012 for share trader

    Dear all, I am having nightmare filling e-tax this year for the first time, for the income/loss related to "share trading as a business" (I pass the criteria hundreds of buys/sells, trading system in place, managed daily, etc) Last year I entered the values under I24-V other incomes but I...
  3. S

    So You Want To Become A Share Trader?

    So You Want To Become A Share Trader? Sounds impressive eh? You have visions of dollars floating through your head. Dreaming of fast cars, luxury holidays etc.:) Easy money to be made just look at...