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share purchase plans

  1. M

    Share Purchase Plan Trading

    Has anybody explored this offering being marketed it is called Share Purchase Plan Harvester (SPP Harvester) Idea is 1) You purchase 1 share each of selected 300 ASX listed companies 2) If and when any of company announces a SPP you get to participate, idea is there will be a discount, you...
  2. D

    Strategy to get exposure to Share Purchase Plans

    Hi all, there has been a flux of capital raisings, including Share Purchase Plans (SPP) lately. ( A feature of the SPP is that one can subscribe for up to $30,000 of shares, often at a material discount, independant of the number of...
  3. N

    Who is eligible for a Share Purchase Plan?

    Just wondering who is eligible for Share Purchase Plan prices? (I'm looking at BAPCOR). Is it only for those that own the company's share at a particular cut off date? or is it open to the public? I know it is a pretty newbie question :)
  4. youngone

    Share Purchase Plans (SPP)?

    Hi guys. What is SPP in simple terms for us beginners. is that a good thing? How does it work and how can we use it to our advantage. (Nokia used SPP strategy along other method to push himself from $1500 to $3000 in 8 months.) Thanks
  5. I

    Share Purchase Plans

    Hi all, I'm a shareholder in ARG and MLT and like many other listed companies, they offer shareholders the opportunity to invest up to $5,000 p.a. via the SPP at a discount to market price. My question is this: when these stocks are trading at a discount to their NTA, the SPP price is...