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  1. 56gsa

    Listed options lagging share price

    Question for you all What are the reasons listed options would lag the share price for a company? eg the gap between SP and option price is greater than the option excise price... Example I'm looking at is ZYB/ZYB where there is a 1.8 cent gap but excise price is 1.2 cents ... Some reasons...
  2. E

    Shares from a capital raising: Do they affect SP immediately or at date of issue?

    very new to trading a company has done a capital raise at 12% discount , the shares still went up 33 percent over the next two days , the capital is for more exploration drilling my question is they were announced yesterday and fully taken up ,but they will be issued on the 5th october , does...
  3. luutzu

    Exchange rate and domestic share price

    Here's a riddle I've been trying to figured out. Any thoughts? Let say a company report its financials in a foreign currency - USD, for example - but are listed on an exchange with a different currency - AUD, say. It seem that when the aussie drop against the greenback, the stock reporting...
  4. G

    Market effect on share price movements

    i've been reading a great book from the library (louse bedford, charting secrets) and just want some clarification on what this means: " If the overall market is bearish, it is probably a good idea to wait for the pullback change of polarity to occur before opening a position. this will...
  5. burglar

    What drives share price?

    It's time to have a thread on AUCTION ACTION. Why? Because it is so misunderstood. What drives share price? Some say value, some say sentiment. Some say announcements, discoveries. Some honestly don't know.
  6. S

    Share price response to news

    Hey guys, For some of the investors who've witnessed plenty of obscene share price reactions to news I just wanted to get some thoughts. Recently, a stock called FAR exploded in response to oil being found off the coast of Senegal. With news announcements that big, would you generally...
  7. O

    Why do shares fluctuate without announcements?

    Newbie warning. :banghead: I am watching some ASX shares and they are experiencing some very slight fluctuations but the company has not announced anything. Why do shares fluctuate like this and who decides the share price? Thank you.
  8. S

    Is there a magazine that lists the price of all Australian shares?

    1) Is there a magazine list the price of all Australian shares? 2) does is there a website offer the search function - listing all shares with a certain price range? example I want to search all shares which their price between $2-$5. I do not like ASX wbe site. :)
  9. J

    Share Price to Earnings Chart for ASX Companies

    Hey everyone, First post/ question. Just wondering if there is anywhere online to get a chart for a specific company comparing their Share price to Earnings over the last say 10 years. Thanks
  10. C

    iPhone App to show my target buy price next to current share price?

    Hi, I'm quite happy with the standard Stocks App Apple provides on the iPhone and iPad. The feature I'm missing though is the ability to display my target buy price next to the live share price. I've looked at a number of Apps, and some support the creation of alerts once the share...
  11. A

    Volume vs. SP patterns - help please

    hi everyone, I know there is no wrong or right answer but can someone point me in the right direction to see if I have got some fundamentals right. assuming a company with no groundbreaking annoucemnts or funny business, is this correct??? HIGH VOLUME + no SP change = lots of Buyers +...
  12. L

    Dividend, Share Price: Is there a connection?

    Hi guys. Just a question out of curiosity. Do dividend payouts affect the share price? For example, if a company were paying dividends today. Is the company's share price likely to go down?