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  1. drsmith

    WA senate re-election 2014

    This one's for the hardcore political tragic. The count is on ABC24. Currently 0.1% counted with those being from the sticks.
  2. Bushman

    Micro party coalition to control the Senate

    I was listening to the new force in Australian politics on the radio before, namely the Australian Sport Party! This is an apolitical party that is mainly interested in raising sporting participation rates. A noble ideal in this age of obesity but should this really be a member of the 'micro...
  3. M

    Industrial warfare after coalition gets control of senate?

    One risk I see going into 2nd 1/2 of 2005 is industrial warfare after the coalition gets control of senate. I have talked to people on management side (naively rubbing their hands with glee) and union side (surprisingly pesimistic). To start the ball rolling...