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    Trading educators/Seminar sellers and Trading Gurus!

    I read this on some other forum LOL When a poster questioned some of the assumption/ calculations in a webinar that presenter dodged all the questions and become offensive This is what the poster then commented "Typical "guru" response. When the trade goes against their rules, they come...
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    Weekly/monthly trading seminars?

    Does anybody know if any major cities (syd,mel) have conferences, seminars that talk about trading styles, strategies, what/when/how, technical indicator applying etc. for stock trading? Or webinars on utube or equivalent? Is there a calendar of upcoming events I can find somewhere?
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    Ezy Professional seminars or training

    Can anyone help with ideas on training for the EZy products? The supplier has no intention of introducing them in the near future.:)
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    ASIC acts against options trading seminars

    There are a number of people/organisations giving seminars or selling software out there who had better watch it or they'll be next!