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  1. Conza88

    The Mises Dinner/Seminar

    Hello all :), I thought some members here might be particularly interested in an event taking place soon in Sydney on the 25th-26th of November. More information such as the program, facebook group for those interested in the above ideas and other faq's can be found at the site -...
  2. P

    Van Tharp seminar free on YouTube

    Bit long winded but for anyone interested, its in 6 parts heres a link to part 1, links to the other 5 will appear to the right of the screen.
  3. M

    Impressions from Elliott Wave revisionist Glenn Neely's seminar

    Wavepicker and I attended a promotional seminar with Glenn Neely last night in Melbourne, so I thought I’d post up my impressions. While the purpose of such promotional events is to sell services, we still thought it would be interesting to see Neely in the flesh and see what he had to say...
  4. T

    Louise Bedford seminar (Perth)

    A Personal Email from Louise Bedford I just want to let you know that this is your last chance to book into my up and coming seminar in Perth called Candlestick Triggers – An Intensive Workshop. This 4.5 hour workshop will be run on Tuesday evening, 7th June, 2005, from 5.30pm to 10.00pm at...
  5. R

    Brisbane seminar

    hi guy', If anyone's in Brisbane this may be of interest? Sunday trading seminar - Brisbane Day: Sunday Date: 12th of Sept 2004 ( Not the 5th as this is Fathers Day) Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm Location: Easts leagues Club, Main Avenue, Cooparoo Cost: $5 per person Guest Speaker...