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  1. LavishPrince

    ETFs - when to 'cut your losses' and reinvest?

    Ok, so this is not really specific to ETFs, nor is it necessarily about 'losses'. My example, and my question, is really about how we make decisions on whether its likely more profitable to hold onto a stock that might be trading at less than its value or according to its long-term trajectory...
  2. Frankieplus

    Selling and buying in the same 'climate'

    Hi all, Sorry for my posts recently I keep coming up with questions but I'm almost at the end I've become very comfortable with investing now.. . :) I know I should know this but I want to make sure... Is it normal practise and ok to sell and buy again in the same 'market' for the purpose of...
  3. A

    I assume price swings indicate a stock is being bought and sold?

    Silly question but I assume when the charts go from one figure to another that indicates trades are being made to change the price... I was recently looking at a chart for a small cap company trading for 1cent & on some days the high was 2cent. This looks to happen daily so I would assume that...
  4. R

    Letting profits run versus selling at target price

    Funny you brought this up Julia this has been in my thoughts for a while now. Having never used stop losses lately I have been considering the possibility of using a trailing stop to sell when one of my more liquid holdings reaches my calculation of fair to over valued. To date this has not...
  5. Steve C

    Buying and selling off announcements vs. T/A

    Hi All, Just a point of discussion, do many of you here use the technique of buying/selling on the back of positive/negative announcements? It would seem that at times if you could get in quick there would be plenty of money to be made... Another question, how does T/A link in to these...
  6. J

    Buying a share and selling next day

    I have just retired and would like to trade on the stock market. In the past I have bought shares mainly for their dividend, but now I would like to maybe create an income stream and am wondering how you can buy a share on one day and sell it the next day when settlement is always 5 days after...
  7. exgeo

    Hedge fund selling targets (oversold = bargain?)

    I have noticed a couple of stocks I hold Compass Resources (CMR) and Arc Petroleum (ARQ) both recently put out "ceasing to be a substantial shareholder" notices, which with a little Googling proved to be hedge funds. Both of these companies IMHO have been sold down far below fundamental...