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selling shares

  1. X

    Will there always be someone selling shares?

    Let’s say the market rate is at 1.20 & I set the purchase price to be that.. will there always be someone willing the sell? also, since a lot of people probably are buying too, does it go accordingly to who places the orders first gets it? When you want to sell say 10k of shares & only can...
  2. K

    Type of Account needed for short selling trades

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advise on what type of account i would need to open to execute both Long and Short share trades? I've seen CFD accounts, but dont want to utilise a margin, just want to use my own money but to be able to make short share trades as well as long share trades...
  3. C

    CGT from shares sold - HELP

    Hi, I am new here and hope someone can at least give me some sound advice, or point me in the right direction. I have to say, trying to read the ATO site is not that easy, it is just links to more links, very confusing. Anyway, to my question. Basically, my circumstance is I received shares...
  4. ctur0001

    What is the process of stocks being sold?

    Hi everyone, My question is if before the ASX market opened (pre 10am) there is a surplus of demand on a stock lets say 20 buyers looking to buy 1 volume each (totalling 20 volume) at x price, relative to 10 supply at x price. How will the ten stock be allocated to the 20 buyers when the market...
  5. G

    Selling US shares on ETrade and money back to Australia

    Hi Apologies for the long description. I'm looking to sell my company shares (awarded as yearly bonus). The company is US based hence the shares are on Whats the best way to sell these shares and transfer the proceeds back to Australia? (So that i can have this more readily...
  6. A

    Fees involved when buying and selling shares

    Can someone "list" all the fees that could be expected when buying or selling shares?
  7. Dream_Trader

    Selling delisted share holdings

    Hi all, I have a question this Friday afternoon in relation to how to sell/dispose my shares in a company that has been delisted from the ASX. As far as I know, there are two options below I could persue to do so: 1) Look for a buyer myself, be it the company itself or otherwise, and settle...
  8. J

    Tax loss selling by diluting shares

    Hi guys as you know the ATO can crack down on you for tax loss selling if you: sell a stock (to cancel gains by stocks) then buy that stock back. I am wondering if I buy more shares first (dilute my stock where I've had losses) then sell the diluted total, would the ATO stop the tax loss from...
  9. J

    First time trading: How do I register shares so I can sell them?

    My partner worked for Woolworths for 10+ years and during that time was given shares on a yearly basis. We now want to sell them and use that money to start trading. We have just opened up a Commsec account but how do we go about registering those shares to her Commsec account so we can sell...
  10. F

    Selling Australian Shares

    I've been holding a number of Australian shares for a long time. A while back I left my stockbroker and transferred my Australian shares to an on-line broker account. Due to personal reasons I have to sell-off all my holdings; I plan to do this in a measured & gradual manner. (Some of my...
  11. J

    Buying and selling shares within the settlement dates

    Hey everyone, I'm new to trading shares and i have a few things i need to know that i cant seem to find information on. I started my account with $1,000 and I've bought $990 worth of shares yesterday (22/02/16) with settlement on 25/02/16. Tonight i ordered them to be sold (for a small profit)...
  12. B

    Buying/selling at market

    I am using comsec and it gives you the option of selecting "at market", so the stock price will be the last price the share bought/sold at. 1. By selecting at market will my order be executed immediately? 2. If I wanted to buy a stock and the at market price was 50 dollars but when I look...
  13. T

    Selling US Stocks

    A bit of a tricky one - would appreciate any advice! We have 2 separate holdings of a stock in the US with 3 year old DRS's that our Australian broker's US agent is telling us are too old for him to use to sell, and the only alternative is to arrange new certificates (4 weeks), open new...
  14. T

    Best way to guarantee future sale price

    Hi All, Im wondering about the best way to lock in a future sale price for a stock. eg, I would like to sell a stock in 1 month for the price it is today in order for me to collect an upcoming dividend. Would it be best to pay for an option that guarantees me the right to sell them at...
  15. A

    Should I keep or sell my IAG shares?

    Hi all, In 2007, i was given some shares from IAG by my dad, and its only until recently i thought i would log online to]o have a look at my statements, In 2007 the shares at that time based on how many shares i have were approx $4800 if i was to sell them, and currently 2015 they are about...
  16. S

    Newbie, just sold CBA shares - have I made a mistake?!

    Hi all, I am an ex CBA employee and was allocated a total of 96 shares in the 3 yrs that I worked with them, which I held onto for the past 10 yrs, totally oblivious to what they were, how much they were worth, etc... Every 6 months, I was receiving an extra amount into my account (dividends)...
  17. E

    Have stocks listed as Value, can I sell them at market?

    I have some stocks that are listed as value, i didn't know what this meant so looked it up and it seems that the company was taken over. Can i close the trade and sell it at market value?
  18. A

    Trailing sell orders

    Hi there I have a question with regards to conditional orders....i have found nowhere a clear explanation as to what is the timeframe used in comparing share prices to trigger and execute the orders in bank share trading platforms for retail investors. For example...if i set a trailing sell...
  19. I

    CGT on share sale - sale value into Super

    I am about to start an Account Based pension. I have some industry super to put in and I wish to put some money, currently held in shares, into the initial account balance. I cannot talk to my usual tax accountant as he is on holiday, hence my question here. So, I sell a pile of shares...
  20. S

    One off overseas share sale

    Hi All my trading as been on the ASX. A few years ago Barrick (ABX:NYSE) purchased a local gold miner I had shares in, and I finished up with shares in Barrick. In total I hold slightly less than 1,000 shares. Any suggestions on how I go about doing a one off sales of these shares without...