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  1. M

    Multiple buy and sell of same share in one day

    Hi Everyone, just wanting a Q'n answered pls relating to buying and selling of the same share over the course of the day. How many times can i do it and or over the week without being penalised? Cheers
  2. F

    MACD Crossover Sell Signal

    Hey ASF'ers, I am considering implementing a sell signal in my trading plan, to sell when the MACD crosses below the signal line. I believe I may be thrown out too often with this rule however? Is there a good volume indicator I can implement with this rule, that will help me disregard the...
  3. L

    RIO & NCM: Hold or Sell?

    Hi guys looking for some advice Got Rio @ $56.2 (thinking of holding) NCM $17.05 can anyone give me some advice on these? should i hold or sell them? looking at short team like next month or 2, or any idea when these will go back up, specially NCM, thanks
  4. S

    Why is my Commsec brokerage $80?

    Hi guys, A few days ago I submitted a sell order below $25k. The day I submitted the order brokerage appeared to be $32. Today it's ramped up to $80. I'm just curious to know why this happens and how I can avoid the additional $50. Thanks
  5. MattyJ

    Market Depth - Importance when buying/selling

    First off, I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere; I had a brief look but couldn't see this specific question answered. How much emphasis do you/should you be placing on the market depth of a stock when buying and selling? For example, is it usually best practice to buy a stock when...
  6. wayneL

    Options - Better To Buy or Sell?

    I've been writing a bit on this lately and thought it might be of interest here. Discuss.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the question perpetually asked by retail option traders, often having been tainted by BS from some hyped up moron on a stage. I guess the question in their mind is over the...
  7. Smack

    When to Sell?

    I know this question has probably been asked 1000 times, but I want to know when a good time to sell a stock that has risen around 4% off it's recent lows... The wife has just begun to day trade with oodles of capital, and with real time streaming IRESS data. What are some of the triggers one...
  8. G

    Can I buy and sell in one day?

    can i buy a share in the morning and sell few hours later? but the shares dont settle until at least 3 days later, also after selling can i then buy another share straight away? this is with the same money, not with extra money.
  9. fzbkk

    Confused about day trading: can I sell before T+3?

    I am confused about the t+3 rule when buying stocks and selling. If I wanted to day trade, buy and sell a stock the same day what about the t+3 rule? My understanding is I don't yet own the stock so how can I sell it? I am interested in going long not short, if that helps.