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    How to sell shares on LSE when I have the original paper certificate?

    Hi all, am hoping someone can assist with this issue. When I left my long term Australian employer in 2008 I was issued with a (paper) share certificate for just over 10,000 shares (BP plc) which are listed on the London Stock Exchange. I'm wanting to sell these now (value about AU$80,000)...
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    How to convert and sell US shares in Australia?

    I own a small number of US shares (purchased from the company I used to work for in the US) and would like to sell them in Australia. The company (AZPN) is traded on NASDAQ. I have the paper share certificate, so I would need to get them converted electronically first. The total value is about...
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    Whether to sell shares and stress less?

    I'm hoping you have all been through something similar and can help me out with this one. I bought some shares in a smaller cap company about 3-4 months ago. I have taken out a small loan of 15k to aid in my purchase of these. Since I work at a bank, the loan is only charged at the floating...
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    Can I buy and sell in one day?

    can i buy a share in the morning and sell few hours later? but the shares dont settle until at least 3 days later, also after selling can i then buy another share straight away? this is with the same money, not with extra money.