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  1. M

    Amibroker / Norgate ASX Data - How to find strongest sectors?

    Hi all I have Amibroker and am using Norgate ASX Data . Im confused as to the correct filter settings to use when doing an exploration of ASX Indexes and or Sectors, say for example, to find the sector that has is hitting new highs etc. The code for the xploration is easy but i cant figure our...
  2. Zaxon

    Stock Market Sectors: are you a loser or one of the cool kids?

    In the last year, if you simply invested in gold stocks, your return would have been 63.9%. On the other hand, if you chose the nice, safe energy sector, you would have lost a whopping %15. Clearly there's a massive advantage in choosing the right market sectors, and nothing but regret if...
  3. W

    Stocks and sectors affected by rising interest rates?

    It looks like the days of Rising Interest Rates is truly coming this time, though everything was at rhetoric stage in previous years. Which stocks would be affected, and which sectors are mostly at risk when interest rates do go up, starting from mid-Dec, FOMC Mtg ?
  4. J

    Sector List

    Hi Guys, Could be a bit of a noob question but i have worked out my world view using leading indicators GDP, building permits, UMSCI etc and i want to drill down to the building materials in the US but im struggling to find a site that has a list of companies within each sector does anyone...
  5. L

    Sector P/E ratios

    Hi Does anyone know where I can find the ratios and yield averages by sector, in particular materials? Or even the ASX averages? P/E ratios, yield % etc?? is there any online resource for this? any help much appreciated, gotta get this assignment done. cheers
  6. K

    Out of favour sectors?

    Hi, Looking back over the past 12 months we have had a number of sectors perform well. We started with uranium, moved to biotechs, copper, iron ore, oil and gas, gold, and financials. Why did these sectors outtperform in a given period of time??? Out of favour? oversold? Or maybe just the...