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  1. M

    Windows 7 Search Not Working

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help with this? I currently use Microsoft 7 Professional. Very regularly I use the Microsoft icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to "Search Programs and Files". For example I might search for the name "Spencer" knowing I have Word documents or emails...
  2. N

    Easy way to search for LEAPS as a stock substitute

    I am planning to buy some contracts for long-term options. The trick will be to get ones with a high delta so that the LEAP behaves more like the underlying stock. I know that I could go through each and every stock listing searching the options chains say 9 to 18 months out. It would...
  3. CanOz

    Join the Search for Flight MH370

    Anyone can volunteer and join the search for flight MH370. is using satelite imagery to scan the oceans surface around the area where the flight disappeared. The site was so overwhelmed by traffic they had to shut down for a while....
  4. D

    Importing statements to Excel - using stock codes to search

    Hi all, I thought I'd continue developing a nice excel spreadsheet, eventually allowing it to display a full portfolio of different assets, along with charts, ratio's etc amongst plenty more. Can you link up a 'feed' (don't know if that's the correct term) type service to an excel...
  5. prawn_86

    Search ASX companies by state?

    Seems a simple question but i can't figure out how to do it. Does anyone know a website in which i can search the list of ASX companies by the state in which they are headquartered? I can't seem to do it on the ASX site. Thanks
  6. M

    Search function?

    Hi I'm new and the FAQ advises there is a search function on most pages. I must be blind as I can't find it... Can someone advise please? I'm curious to search for specific shares. Many thanks Rick
  7. Joe Blow

    Tips on using ASF's search function

    I have started this thread to help everyone get the most out of ASF's site search function. Tracking down the information you are looking for can be a challenging task, and in order to do it effectively there are some tips and tricks that people may not be aware of that can help you zero in on...