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    Help for Amibroker to change symbol prefix

    I need a script to change the name of the prefix for a lot of symbol in the Amibroker Database. I have many stock with "AU_" by prefix (one example is: AU_AAC) and I want to change in: AU:AAC Can anyone help me to change all symbol symbols automatically with a script (without change it...
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    Amibroker Question: Buy 5 days after Buy Signal if price is higher

    Hi guys, I am new to Amibroker, so pardon me if this question is stupid :) I would like to implement a system which enter long in a stock 5 days after a simple moving average cross-over only if the closing price that day is higher than the closing price of the day of the cross-over. I...
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    URL script for downloading EOD data from NASDAQ

    Hi All, Here is the URL script for downloading EOD data from Google Finance for AAPL from 3Sep12 to 19Sep12.,v,o,h,l,c&output=csv Is there a similar script for NASDAQ ? Thanks in advance.