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  1. L

    Scanning software

    Hello! I am just starting to trade on the ASX and I am looking to use a scanning software but unsure where to start. Does anyone know of anything free or low cost so I can start getting my head around it? Thank you!
  2. W

    Charting software with scanner

    hi all I'm fairly new to this forum, and i have never had a position opened on an stock listed on asx. I have a couple of questions 1) How sensitive is Asx to technical analysis? because I've been following a couple of stocks, and there seems to be huge gaps, and not much trading...
  3. S

    NinjaTrader vs. AmiBroker

    Hi Traders, I already have NT (NT direct, a free version, is included with my AMP futures account). I haven't had success in having it scan ASX stocks for criteria, though. I'm suspicious of Yahoo EOD data. I'm considering Amibroker instead. Should I pay up for Amibroker (and then a...
  4. quadfin

    Scanning Software TA & FA

    Would be interested to hear what programs people use for scanning, & general market analysis I have used or using, the free stuff does not have the parameters i require. Paid: hubb, stockdoctor & the hated (by some skaffold). Any views on metastock??? Free: hubb investor limited TA...