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  1. Bill M

    Which printer to buy for B&W printing, copy and scan?

    This forum is a world of knowledge and here I am again looking for another product that I need help with. OK, I don't do anything printing wise in colour. I do some copying of documents and I do some scanning. All I need is a simple product that doesn't need colour cartridges to print B&W. I...
  2. T

    Daily Scans CAPP

    Hi, I'm trying to source daily ASX close of business scans for "Close Above Previous Peak" CAPP. Would anyone know where I can source these scan's? I'm happy to pay for these scans. Thanks Trader 4567
  3. R

    How to turn the following AFL into a scan/exploration?

    Hello, How can I turn the following AFL into a scan/exploration where it selects stocks trading at 80 or above as well as stocks trading 20 or below? Thank you for any and all help. _SECTION_BEGIN("Stochastic Slow"); periods = Param( "Periods", 14, 1, 200, 1 ); Ksmooth = Param( "%K avg", 3, 1...
  4. R

    Bollinger Band Squeeze Scan/Exploration

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get an AFL that gives me the formula for BBSqueeze but would also allow me to scan a list of Canadian stocks? I use EOD data for my trading. Thank you. Tim
  5. A

    AmiBroker: How to scan 1 hour interval chart?

    I have a small AFL code to scan BUY signals. Buy=Cross(MA(C, 20), MA(C,50)); Sell=Cross(MA(C, 50), MA(C,20)); Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell); I want to do Auto Analysis to find Buy signals in 1 hour chart. How do I tell AmiBroker to scan on 1 hour interval chart ? Here is the scan...
  6. B

    Metastock - Intraday scan

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully I can explain what I'm after.... Basically I want to do a scan in Metastock for breakouts approximately 30 minutes before the market closes. So I need an EOD file based on the data before the market actually closes. I've thought of writing something to rip data from...
  7. Damuzzdu

    ASX 200 July/August Correction Scan

    Guys, Please find attached two files for a scan I've just run across the market on the ASX200 stocks to find which stocks have been hit the hardest. The scan starts with open price on 24th July and finishes with closing price tonite and shows %change between the two periods. The two files...