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  1. Joe Blow

    Phone and SMS scams

    Recently I've been receiving a lot of scam phone calls and SMS messages and am wondering if this is just happening to me because my numbers have been leaked in a hack or put on some dodgy list, or if this is something that is happening to others as well. I'm not talking about one call a month...
  2. M

    Beat penny stock scams?

    Hi, I have read a lot about penny stocks and pump and dump scams. But I have a question, is it a viable strategy to get in early on a pump and dump scam and "ride it" until you make a profit and sell. I don't see it being illegal as you are not the one promoting it, just investing in it...
  3. Joe Blow

    How to identify an investment scam

    Over the years, many people have arrived at ASF with questions about various "investment" businesses that have cold called them, and given them a sales pitch filled with promises of high returns with very little effort or risk. In many cases these people are told that they will be able to quit...
  4. N

    Scams, whose fault?

    There seems to be an increasing number of news reports about scams run by both domestic and international criminals (many from Nigeria as it would seem). From cars guide scams to scams involving a non existent inheritance. A lot of the articles I read attribute some blame to the victims...
  5. Uncle Festivus

    Internet Scam Alerts

    General thread for posting internet scams - if none exists already?? Got an email from supposedly Commonwealth bank but Zone Alarm picked the link up as phishing site - Hastings music festival???
  6. Julia

    Email scams

    Here are some scame being perpetrated in the name of the ATO.
  7. ghotib

    David Tweed and share scams

    Does anyone have any direct experience of David Tweed's (National Exchange Pty Ltd) stock dealings? A Google search turns up plenty about his practice of trying to buy small shareholding off-market at below market prices and his failure to enforce the purchases through the courts. He sounds like...