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  1. qldfrog

    Morgan Stanley scam

    A big warning, Got contacted by a supposedly Jim Caron from Morgan Stanley Sydney To invest in new Morgan Stanley bonds. Sent me then info by mail. Good but not crazy good to be true returns aka 4% etc Website addresses matching etc. Min investment 20k.. The Frog not blind trusting anyone...
  2. greggles

    Cryptocurrency scams

    With interest in cryptocurrencies at an all time high, it's unsurprising that cryptocurrency scams would start proliferating. I received this via email recently. An obvious scam. Be careful out there. If anyone comes across any other cyptocurrency scams be sure to post them to help others...
  3. basilio

    Putin - The Bigest Scam ever told

    Most people are aware in a general sense of Valdimar Putins surreal private palace. And of course the funds to build this spectacular abode plus ancillaries doesn't fall of trees.:) But the details of how this all happened and the visuals of the palace itself ? All has been revealed in a two...
  4. P

    Does this sound like a scam to you?

    Hi all, I've got a friend who has been encouraged to invest with a trader that has about a 90% win rate (first red flag). He has sent me a screenshot (2nd red flag) of some of this traders trades and apparently the broker is BSB-Global (3rd red flag). Now, I've looked through these trades on...
  5. basilio

    The next Great Scam starts NOW!

    This is it. Forget Pink Batts or any other other past rort. The ScoMo government has opened the taps on what will be one of the most effective rorts ever created. The Job Keeper program seems to offer "businesses" the opportunity to pull $750 a week per nominal employee on the basis that said...
  6. N

    Are CFDs a scam?

    hi, im new to investing so some of my questions will sound dumb i watched this and got the impression cfds are issued by brokers themselves, and brokers have software that determines if a trader is a loser or winner, and they just buy the cfds of losing traders, and follow the trades of winner...
  7. P

    Email sextortion scam

    Have not posted here for a while, but thought i would post this up, i dont think this has anything to do with ASF, but when i signed up a few years back i was using the password mentioned in the email (see below) used it on a few other forums/sites and some of them dont exist anymore, so odds on...
  8. J

    Raising public awareness to an investment scam - Pacific Alliances Tokyo Japan

    These cowboys are cold calling Australian citizens and probably other places too trying to push the next big stock that's going to go up 200% in 2 weeks. They honestly believe their own stories and are relentless when they think someone is interested. I've dragged them along so they think they...
  9. K

    TRP Capital Scam

    There is a Gold Coast based phoenix company calling themselves TRP Capital who are currently cold calling Australians offering a black box software package. The company details are; TRP Capital Phone: 1800 556 916 Phone: 1300 556 916 ACN: 163921515 This is the...
  10. M

    Advanced Wealth Systems SCAM?

    HI, I got a call from some firm called Australian Wealth systems and they are offering this balanced pair trading system. Their system looks at beting on sports with 2-3 outcomes; so either one team wins or it's a draw. It then looks at books online to find the best odds for each and get's...
  11. H

    $1 billion forex scam Pretty interesting. Reminds me of something like Interactive Brokers. For all I know, they could be a fraud too! We (or at least I) am really not in the habit of checking these types...
  12. M

    Have you heard of these trading newsletters? Scam or not?

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice/recommendations if that is ok. My Dad wants to learn how to make some money trading and has asked for my help in figuring out where to start to learn the ins and outs. He has come across people in the States that selling financial newsletters such as...
  13. J

    GTA Scam Alert! (

    Scam alert! If you've stumbled upon this searching for info on GTA ( after a high pressure sales pitch then stop right now. These people are crooks. GTA used to be a company called OWS: Before that they were called Eurosoft. Before that they were ESL...
  14. M


    I've just paisd a deposit on an $18900 trading scheme from OWS in Sydney. Can anyone tell me if I'm clever or stupid?
  15. Solly

    Gold Hedge Royalty Scam

    Source: Looking forward to one of GG's eloquent commentaries on this matter.
  16. Joe Blow

    How to identify an investment scam

    Over the years, many people have arrived at ASF with questions about various "investment" businesses that have cold called them, and given them a sales pitch filled with promises of high returns with very little effort or risk. In many cases these people are told that they will be able to quit...
  17. B

    Eurosoft Advantage SCAM

    WANTED Information regarding the wear abouts of the scammers behind Eurosoft in Sydney the people I am looking for go by the names Mark Thomson director, and James King manager. I am looking for there residential addresses not the dodgy virtual addresses they use $500.00 Reward offered for the...
  18. sydboy007

    Scam warning for Bali

    for those who wont read the whole post, if you get asked to fill out a survery about bali either say no, or provide false name / hotel details Just on holiday in bali and took the bait for winning a prize holiday. Had to go out to Sanur and since I'd neverf been there and was told I could...
  19. CanOz

    Oil Trading Academy - the net's weirdest trading scam

    This is a new one lol...I've seen some scams in my 8 years of trading, but nothing quite this weird. You really need to watch a few videos to get a feel for the weird factor.... check out the site Eventually the CFTC will have to shut this guy down.... CanOz
  20. M

    UFXMarkets, good to try?

    This broker UFXMarkets, is the most aggressive merchant I have ever met. They keep calling me like at least once per day, after a few days finally I surrendered to activate my account with $500 bucks, now the tutor is trying to persuade me enlarge the account so as to trade gold, which is a...