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scam or not?

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    GMT Futures and FX, Scam or Not? Started getting emails from this lot, anyone now anything about them? the cynic in me is always sceptical about these type of unsolicited emails and although I’m not interested in anything they offer I am always curious :2twocents This is how they start...
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    Have you heard of these trading newsletters? Scam or not?

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice/recommendations if that is ok. My Dad wants to learn how to make some money trading and has asked for my help in figuring out where to start to learn the ins and outs. He has come across people in the States that selling financial newsletters such as...
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    Credit Corp. debt - scam or not?

    hey there fellas ! i am posting this to get your opinions as to which this is a scam or not because it is very weird. i have relieved a letter from credit corp group - notice of assignment of debt. it says that i owe them $1,300 overdue. i am not aware that i am in this sort of debt, i...