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  1. D

    Scalp System (50-500% monthly)

    Hello traders I present my scalping with price action system. Is a system automatic. I have been working on this project for more than 2 years that finally comes to light. After many tests I can already say that it is profitable. He works in the major currency pairs. The profit can be of...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    ASX speccy scalp diary

    - Another trading diary whilst I wait for a new account to set up. - Constructive input welcome. - sub 10c stocks. - Not real money. - Buying momentum and turnover only. - Will explore holding time - scalp vs close position EOD vs holding into the next day - Will ensure there's enough volume to...
  3. I

    CFDs and Indicative Open

    Hi all, Just a quick question in relation to CFDs and the ASX indicative open price. Knowing the previous close and the indicative opening price, using over-the-counter CFDs, is it theoretically possible to place an order to open at the last close and then the moment the market opens, sell...
  4. M

    A great broker for Scalp trading FX?

    Can anyone please recommend a great broker for scalping? Possibly an ECN broker..
  5. W

    Who to trade with? Scalping EUR/USD, IB *was* perfect... :(

    A few years ago I traded forex profitably with Interactive Brokers, and I've been practicing the last couple of weeks, with a view to get back in (got 40 pips clear, both weeks). Problem is, IB don't offer Aussies margin accounts any more. I can't trade live. I scalp EUR/USD off the...
  6. H

    Forex scalping strategy?

    hello world :D I'm tired of searching for successful strategies on the MetaTrader Is there a solution such as stocks scalping sterategy ? thanks.
  7. T

    iPad app for scalping and swing analysis

    Hey guys, What apps do you use on your ipad for scalp and swing analysis?
  8. M

    Price Action Scalping

    This is a visual thread only, scalping any instruments. The idea is to show your thoughts, how you trade and learn from others visually. If you like to be part of it, introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be part of it. Most of the comments should be accompanied by a visual or...
  9. V

    Scalping anyone?

    Hi folks. I am very new to all this. Been tentatively trading for 2 months. Lost a little, but made more. Still very much in the "steep learning curve" phase. I have been reading about scalping. Its a style which suits my personality and I want to try this sometime in the future. When I...
  10. bathuu

    Good cheap stocks for scalping?

    Hi guys, I am new to share trading, yet have an ambition to make living out of it. Can you guys please recommend me some cheap suitable stocks with high volatility character, high trade and volume for intra-day scalping. My trading account is not that big, it is only $10000, so I prefer cheap...
  11. A

    Question about trading strategy, scalping?

    Hi all, First I'd like to say that I'm pretty much a newbie in trading shares. I just had a quick question to ask. Let's say, you buy $10,000 worth of SDL (for instance) for 21c, then straight after put in a sell order for 21.5c, and when it does hit 21.5c, you would make a profit of...