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scalping system

  1. K

    FX scalping system

    so the entry rules to my system are pretty easy - EUR USD 1M chart wait for divergence on the 8,15,9 OSMA Multi colour wait for Dynamic Range Indicator(70) to show arrow. Trade - TP 10 pips. once I make my 10 pips for the day I'm done. I start at about 10am and trade until I have made my...
  2. L

    Lindsay's - Something to nothing scalping system

    I have enjoyed TH's account of his winning CFD trading(and whole thread really), mine is less inspiring-but any comment appreciated! Frustrated! I am just paper trading in my case!.. I started a month or so back with a view to use my charting knwledge (:cautious:) scalp a few...
  3. Trembling Hand

    Nothing to something scalping system

    Thought I might post some ongoing results of a strategy I run on the SPI. Lots of comments this year about this market being too hard to make money in and TA not working anymore and FA blah blah blah.....but for me this is the best of times. It wasn’t that long ago the SPI would be having a big...