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    Takeover bid

    I don't quite understand what happens if a stock you own is under a takeover bid. For instance, SAI is supposed to be under a takeover bid by Hong Kong-based Baring Asia Private Equity for $4.75.
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    SAI - SAIC Inc (NYSE)

    :) Warning: ..... astrostuff ahead ..... US stock ... ipo ... Hi folks, SAI ..... was strongly supported on today's listing of this IPO, but looking ahead the party may well be short-lived, with some some negative aspects kicking in, later this month: 23-24102006 ..... 3...
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    SAI - SAI Global

    Just been looking at this company quite recently. I dont see much wrong with it but I would just like some more opinion before I decide to put money on this one I think.. I got word of it because commonwealth bank is a substantial share holder and I appreciate the good record they have with...