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  1. againsthegrain

    How safe is money in the bank? options?

    I am 99% in cash this year, with all the recent talk of this place going down and that place going bankrupt a few have already touched on the topic of the banks. No big bank has ever gone bust in Aus, no bank did during gfc, realistically how worried should we be, what are the rough odds...
  2. Uncle Festivus

    Secured deposits - how safe is your money?

    In light of other central banks efforts to impose negative interest rates and the health of the baking system generally, I'm trying to find out if there is any such thing as a secured cash deposit ie be first in line as a creditor should an entity such as a bank have a run on deposits etc...
  3. qldfrog

    How secure is your money with your broker?

    Has anyone some definitive knowledge as to how secure your assets are with your broker? I have significant amounts both in trading accounts (cash left with the broker) and as well under CHESS on my share accounts; I am currently with Bell Direct but the issue is not specific to them...
  4. N

    How safe is your super?

    I don't visit ASF very often these days and one of the reasons is because I have lost faith in stocks as a sound and safe investment. Investing in stocks is no longer a case of putting some money into a company as part of financing a company that will use that money to the advantage of both the...