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  1. basilio

    The Russian candidate

    Apparently in Jan 2016 Putin held a meeting with his top spy agencies to develop a program that would put Donald Trump into the White House. Very detailed and intriguing story. Vladimir Putin personally authorised a secret spy agency operation to support a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump in...
  2. dolivent

    Buying Shares in Russia

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone's used a brokerage platform to buy Russian stocks from the Moscow Stock Exchange from Australia. Cheers
  3. basilio

    Russian election tampering campaign proven

    The FBI has released it's latest report on investigations into Russian influence in US politics and the 2016. It's now clear that there was a clever and sophisticated effort to direct US domestic politics and support the election of Donald Trump. Main points -The operation begin in 2014. -It...
  4. K

    What's going on in Russia?

    Can one of you guru's explain this to me? Sounds like it's spiraling out of control? Currency crash + reliance on oil, huge interest rate increase yesterday what's the cause and effect of all of this - I'm just not as close to this type of action as I once was.
  5. KnowThePast

    Russian MICEX Index

    Hi all, A newbie to trading international shares here. I am interested in buying a Russian index (MICEX). My broker, commsec, does not seem to have that in its list of tradeable international markets. What broker could I use in Australia to buy a small parcel of these? Thanks
  6. Joe Blow

    Russian ruble (RUB) discussion

    With the current political tension between Ukraine and Russia, I thought it was about time we had a general discussion thread on the Russian ruble. A currency with a 500 year history, it has endured great social, political and economic changes and several redenominations, most recently in...
  7. Calliope

    Russian Aggression

    A rapid Russian build-up of tanks and troops with tough talk from President Vladmir Putin raises fears war with Ukraine could be imminent ...
  8. J

    Putin Blinks, So Is It Time To Buy Into Russia?

    Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to annex the breakaway Ukrainian region of Crimea. Putin then went onto say, “Don’t believe those who say Russia will take other regions after Crimea. We don’t need that.” These words have seemed to calm down the stock market today...
  9. I

    Wheat - how will a Russian ban on exporting help Aussie companies? So prices have risen so how will that be reflected by share prices from a fundamental perspective?
  10. Bushman

    Doyle to 'save' Australia-Russia relations

    Sometimes you read something so preposterous that it takes your breathe away. This is such a moment. Robert Doyle, that blustering fool that has somehow been promoted to the office of Lord Mayor of Melbourne, has tried to justify a $20k junket to St Petersburg by claiming that...
  11. Office rat

    Russian stock market

    The results of September, 10 MICEX Index as low as 1114,67 (-3,75%), RTS index dropped to 1334,33 (-4,36%). Again leaders of decline are securuties of financial companies. Oil and gas stocks also closed in minus. Strengthening dollar is an incentive of sell out of energetic securities...
  12. kennas

    Russia - What are they up to?

    This one's out of the hat. More to follow here, surely. Who do they team up with? Europe, or China, or India? China I feel. Velly intelesting.