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  1. System

    RTH - RAS Technology Holdings

    RAS Technology Holdings Limited is the holding company of Racing and Sports. Racing and Sports is a leading provider of fully integrated premium data, enhanced content, and SaaS solutions to the global racing and wagering industries. Today, Racing and Sports is headquartered in Canberra...
  2. W

    Best Trending Futures during Australian RTH

    Hello Aussie Traders, Which Futures are trending well and are liquid and best suitable to trade during normal Australian RTH hours? I like NQ, YM but I can not stay up all night to trade on the US RTH. What is your experience with Hang Seng, Nikkei etc and what are the symbols for the Futures...
  3. darkhorse70

    Session template for ETH and RTH on NT

    Just wondering if any one can tell me how I can plot the O/H/L/C of the RTH and the H/L of the ETH on a ETH session template. I read on the NT forum that I could possibly divide the sessions into two and then the indicator could plot them seperately. ATM i can plot it on an ETH session but it...
  4. I

    Retail On The Move

    This morning, the retail sector is showing early strength. The Retail Holders Trust(NYSE:RTH) is trading higher by $1.21 to $106.46 a share. When the retail sector shows intra-day strength it is usually a sign that the major stock indexes will hold up for the day. Over the past week, the retail...