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  1. D

    Linking WebIress into Excel (RTD)

    Was hoping somebody could help me link my Webiress into Excel. I'm not a coder but have some basic data feeds I'm looking to pull in such as price quotes for a security list. If anybody can volunteer the code to pull in a price quote for say BHP then I'm sure I can work out the rest. Much...
  2. MecAut

    RTD using Interactive Brokers

    I am struggling with some tickers when using Excel to access IB data (using API / RTD). Initially, I thought the issue was that I was requesting more data than my subscription allows me, however I decided to isolate this issue running only the IB Gateway. As per my image below, some tickers...
  3. L

    RTD codes for AP Index (XJO) through Interactive Brokers

    Hi, I have some experience with RTD - but can't get it to work for the XJO through interactive brokers. I have the market data subscription, and to bring up the chart and options - IB has the XJO listed as the AP Index. I am using IB's sample excel document to start with (image attached) -...
  4. System

    PGY - Pilot Energy

    Earth Heat Resources (EHR), formerly known as Fall River Resources (FRV), is an ASX listed New Energy company focused on green assets for electricity production. The Company's primary asset is the Copahue Geothermal Project in Argentina where it has signed a Heads of Agreement to farm-in and...