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  1. L

    Relative Strength Index Indicator Help!

    Hey there investors/traders :) I have been reading Stan Weinsteins terrific book and have recently read a chapter where he talks about the RS (Relative Strength Indicator) and how this is a very important indicator against a chart I have amibroker and when i drag the RSI indicator (I hope...
  2. C

    RSI prediction

    Hi All! Maybe somebody have this afl: - I suppose price and would like to know RSI for this price. thnaks ??
  3. Sicilian Trader


    Hello all, great forum I wanted to gauge people's thoughts on the conventional indicators. I have been backtesting for the last 2 months on the some currency pairs and have found that a combination of the various indicators seem to work well. I have been using MACD (12,26,9) RSI (13)...
  4. A

    Metastock - RSI help

    I've been playing around with the explorer and have been trying a few different functions RSI(CLOSE,14) < 30 AND Ref(RSI(CLOSE,14),-5) < 20 I thought think function would give me those stocks that are currently under the RSI 30 and under 20 five days ago. But it seems when I insert the in...