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roger montgomery

  1. A

    Montgomery Fund for Super?

    I'm thinking of moving my super to the Montgomery Fund ( Any thoughts anyone. They apparently outperformed the market by over 40 % in the three yeas since inception in 2012.
  2. M

    Roger Montgomery Fund

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone, or is anyone part of the Montgomery Fund? Would u recommend it? MaZed
  3. V

    Learning Roger Montgomery's intrinsic value method together

    It would be a great for learning the intrinsic value calculations... If anyone is interested, we can use ArcelorMittal: stock ticker MT for this. For the 2011 ArcelorMittal annual report, please visit Lets use...
  4. V

    Need help with Roger Montgomery's growth multiplier table

    Hi all, Thanks for clicking on my thread, I was hoping that someone can help overcome a question that I have. Please visit and forward to 4.30. In this video Roger Montgomery is explaining his intrinsic value calculations. The question that I...
  5. The Trooper

    Skaffold - Who's using it and what do you think?

    Skaffold is the web-based subscription application recently launched in Australia by Roger Montgomery and his team. It provides quality and performance ratings based on the business qualities, management and how the cash flow and financials stack up. It also provides forward intrinsic valuations...
  6. H

    Calculating Dividends per Share

    Hi I have been reading Roger Montgomery's Value-Able and attempting to calculate Intrinsic Values. I am stuck on calculating the dividends per share which is what i need to calculation the payout ratio. When I refer to a Annual Report, they only give the total dividends (in millions) and I am...
  7. ubtheboss

    Students of Roger Montgomery's (Buffett's) intrinsic valuation method

    Roger Montgomery's new book expounds and expands Warren Buffet's methods of calculating/ forecasting a share price based on the intrinsic value of a company. Roger has a blog but not an efficient forum where students can help each other. If you are a student of Montgomery/ Buffet and want to...