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  1. J

    ROE help

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with my ROE calculations? I got varied information, one of which says that simply subtracting liabilities from assets on the balance sheet would give us the business' equity, but another said that it is under stockholders equity? And after doing the...
  2. luutzu

    DuPont's 5 Step ROE

    Wondering if you guys could help clarify the use of DuPont's 5 step breakdown of ROE. The 3 step is straight forward and i assumed the 5th is also until past couple weeks when i really look it over. The aim, as i understand it, is to see the effect, both positive and negative, of leverage...
  3. M

    Where can I find ROE values?

    I was wondering if there is another name for Return on Equity (ROE). I want to use it in some formulas I am experimenting with but cant find an easy source that states it for each company. I am looking at the data using Commsec and Bell direct.
  4. sjx

    ROE & ROA?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone comment on what a suitable Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Assets (ROA) ratio would be for the Australian banks? While this may be more difficult, can anybody comment on what a nice Provision for Loan Loss (PLL) ratio would be? :) regards, sam