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robert kiyosaki

  1. Uncle Festivus

    Rich Dad's Prophecy - Market Crash of 2016

    In light of this weeks events, interesting reading if you haven't already read it.....Rich Dad's Prophecy - Why The Biggest Stock Market Crash In History Is Still Coming & How You Can Prepare Yourself & Profit A prophecy from 2002...
  2. wayneL

    Poor Dad Poor Dad

    Kiyosaki files for bankruptcy. (though suspect there is a cache of booty still tucked away somewhere)
  3. E

    Robert Kiyosaki's New Book - Unfair Advantage Robert Kiyosaki proclaims to get into debt. Get into good debt. This is mainly because of central banks printing money. The only good debt I can associate this with is property investment. If you don't have enough of a deposit to get into...
  4. S

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    Someone from the PriceMotion staff recommended Rich Dad, Poor Dad. IS that a book or program??