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risk management

  1. Zaxon

    Risk Management

    With the recent, sharp drop in the share market, I thought it would be a good time to revisit risk management. Specifically, I'm looking from a medium time horizon: holding stocks for a few months. Break-even Stops Traders have the concept of break-even stops. They're designed to make you...
  2. T

    Risk Management for Stocks

    I like to hold positions overnight, I need to know what causes large moves in stocks, I have traded futures/fx just no stocks. Normally I just look at the economic calendar to see if there are any big releases that move the market. For individual stocks, what info do I need to look out for?
  3. StockyGuy

    How much of your trading capital do you risk per trade?

    Someone just started a thread here saying they will risk 0.025% per trade. I think conventional wisdom is 1-2%. I think a discretionary trader who feels they're in the zone might risk 5-10% of their capital on a single trade. What percentage is too much?
  4. J

    Market moving events - Risk management

    Hi everyone, Before doing live trading I want to know all market moving events for U.S. stocks. Is there a comprehensive website or list of websites that cover all potential events and give dates. Essentially I don't want to hold into any stocks that may gap. From what I could gather from...
  5. H

    Is it poor risk management practice to use only one broker?

    I am a happy customer of Interactive Brokers. IBKR is my only broker because I cannot find a better alternative for investing in international stocks. Do members here think it is a bad risk management practice to use only one broker? How do you mitigate this single-point-of-failure risk?
  6. G

    My simple big idea of trading stocks!

    Here is my simple big idea about profitable trading if you wish to read! What's yours? G.
  7. ThingyMajiggy

    Risk Management

    Hey all, After some advice and tips on risk management, stuff like moving stops to B/E as soon as possible, what exactly does that mean? Do you have a set amount of ticks that is has to be before you move your stop to B/E or just literally move it there as SOON as it goes in your favour...
  8. T

    Software for risk management, performance tracking, system optimisation?

    I'm not sure if there is any application that fits under the umbrella of quantifying risk as well as tracking the performance of a trading system. Much of this can be done with a spreadsheet I suppose, but I wouldn't mind the processes being simplified somewhat, and perhaps being prompted to...