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  1. pixel

    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    Breaking News: Stephen Hawking passed away, aged 76. What a brilliant Mind, inspiration to Humanity. He once said, 'it would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love'.
  2. H

    Best place to buy stocks like RIO and BHP listed on multiple exchanges?

    RIO and BHP are huge Australian mining stocks listed on Australian, London and U.S stock exchanges. For Aussies, which are the best place to buy these stocks for maximum financial gain?
  3. sails

    Vale Julia

    I did a google search and with much deep sadness I discovered the obiturary below. I sincerely hope this is not our Julia but the description makes me think it could be. Very sad if it is so.
  4. drsmith

    Leonard Nimoy Rest In Peace

    He perhaps played the most popular alien role in sci-fi history and one that endured over the decades.
  5. Faramir

    Simon Marais Rest In Peace

    Still young at 50. For those who know a lot about him, please leave tributes. I know we still have much to learn from him.
  6. N

    RIP Gough Whitlam

    May dear Gough rest in peace.
  7. Garpal Gumnut

    Baroness Thatcher RIP

    Margaret Thatcher has died. What a great lady. She saved the UK from the excesses of the Union bully boys, re-energised their economy, assisted in the freeing of Eastern Europe from Communism and gave the world hope in the free market and in the value of individual effort, rather than...