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rip off

  1. CanOz

    Autotrader Rip Offs - Beware....

    Watch out for this stuff...Nuts....:frown: Someone please attend and ask some REAL questions... CanOz
  2. sptrawler

    They are going to clamp down on infrastructure rip offs

    Well i think this is all a bit late, Bris Connect, River City Motorway what a rip off. Then to put insult after injury, Connect East, when it bottoms out then starts to climb on improved cashflows, the Ar$e###les sell it out to overseas interests. Don't you get pizzed off with being taken for...
  3. Calliope

    The Pink Bat Rip-off

    I live in an over 50s village consisting of around 250 owner occupied homes. Each of these houses had good quality roof insulation installed during construction. That hasn't stopped unscrupulous house insulators flogging ceiling insulation to approx 200 homes in the village. The way they...