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  1. Dona Ferentes

    Chile likely to nationalise mining?

    Chile has taken a tiny, but symbolic step towards nationalising some of the biggest copper and lithium mines in the world – a move, that if it ever happened, would damage the likes of BHP and Rio Tinto, directly, while boosting them and other Australian companies mining both metals, and...
  2. L

    RIO & NCM: Hold or Sell?

    Hi guys looking for some advice Got Rio @ $56.2 (thinking of holding) NCM $17.05 can anyone give me some advice on these? should i hold or sell them? looking at short team like next month or 2, or any idea when these will go back up, specially NCM, thanks
  3. D

    BHP vs. RIO

    Hey guys, just joined up looking to find out a few things about the stock market. been reading the business section of the australian lately and there has been a few articles in there that have left me with questions The article states that RIO has lesser production costs involved then BHP...
  4. P

    Short to mid term future for RIO and BHP?

    I got out of them in June, and now wish I didn't... Does anyone think they will fare better than the big banks in the next 12 months - accounting for dividends - do the miners have more upside momentum? Knowing my luck, they'lk probably start tanking as soon as they buy them! :( .....
  5. V

    RIO - Stern Hu

    I was just wondering, with the revelation of massive corruption in the fe business in China what reprecussions it will have on the smaller fe producers in Oz. From what I can understand some of the smaller steel mills in China had to pay "good deed" money to secure their supply of ore. Now...
  6. R

    BHP/RIO takeover question

    I own BHP and think they will take over RIO. Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't sell my BHP shares then use the money to buy RIO ? At the moment the Ratio is about 2.6 but if BHP take over I'll get 3.4. That being the case I'll have more BHP shares than I do now.
  7. Blank1979

    BHP and RIO, $37 billion annual savings, what do you think?

    BHP has just come out and said that by combining annually with Rio it will have $37 billion in synergies - this is the first article I can find anywhere on all the regular sites I watch - on this topic...
  8. T

    RIO - Rio Tinto

    Doesn't look like there's a thread on Rio Tinto, So i'll start one. I've posted my analysis for Rio Tinto Here. Citigroup and UBS has recently bumped up their share price target to $100 for RIO.
  9. C

    S&P 500, DOW, NASDAQ, oil, BHP, RIO - Chart TV video 24 Nov

    Hi guys, The latest episode of Chart TV is here. The bullishness in world stock markets continues to appear unabated with the US markets finally appearing to break out of their trading ranges and make recent highs.