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  1. L

    RIO & NCM: Hold or Sell?

    Hi guys looking for some advice Got Rio @ $56.2 (thinking of holding) NCM $17.05 can anyone give me some advice on these? should i hold or sell them? looking at short team like next month or 2, or any idea when these will go back up, specially NCM, thanks
  2. D

    BHP vs. RIO

    Hey guys, just joined up looking to find out a few things about the stock market. been reading the business section of the australian lately and there has been a few articles in there that have left me with questions The article states that RIO has lesser production costs involved then BHP...
  3. P

    Short to mid term future for RIO and BHP?

    I got out of them in June, and now wish I didn't... Does anyone think they will fare better than the big banks in the next 12 months - accounting for dividends - do the miners have more upside momentum? Knowing my luck, they'lk probably start tanking as soon as they buy them! :( .....
  4. V

    RIO - Stern Hu

    I was just wondering, with the revelation of massive corruption in the fe business in China what reprecussions it will have on the smaller fe producers in Oz. From what I can understand some of the smaller steel mills in China had to pay "good deed" money to secure their supply of ore. Now...
  5. R

    BHP/RIO takeover question

    I own BHP and think they will take over RIO. Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't sell my BHP shares then use the money to buy RIO ? At the moment the Ratio is about 2.6 but if BHP take over I'll get 3.4. That being the case I'll have more BHP shares than I do now.
  6. Blank1979

    BHP and RIO, $37 billion annual savings, what do you think?

    BHP has just come out and said that by combining annually with Rio it will have $37 billion in synergies - this is the first article I can find anywhere on all the regular sites I watch - on this topic...
  7. T

    RIO - Rio Tinto

    Doesn't look like there's a thread on Rio Tinto, So i'll start one. I've posted my analysis for Rio Tinto Here. Citigroup and UBS has recently bumped up their share price target to $100 for RIO.