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richard white

  1. B

    Share Express Pty Ltd (SharesXP)

    Has anyone heard of or used the services of Share Express
  2. S

    Australian Shareholder Centre

    I was wondering whether anyone has used "Australian Shareholder Centre" and their experiences and thoughts? Essentially I am currently using margin lending and my own investments. While this year has been good, overall I have not gone too well as I just dont have enough time looking at the...
  3. C

    Active Traders

    Does anyone have any experience in dealing with the firm trading as Active Brokers? NB They charge an annual fee of $4k for trading on a minimum client portfolio of $10K.
  4. A

    Info Required On Australian Stock Investment Group

    I've been approached by the Australian Stock Investment Group who are based in Broadbeach, Queensland. Are these guys above board? Anyone here currently using their services?
  5. daveymoo

    ASI Club Has anyone ever used or known anyone who's used these guys to trade. From speaking to one of thier reps on the phone they seem really good. They trade CFD amongst other forms of trade but in this falling market they sound like they mite be able to help a newbie make...