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  1. L RG146

    has anyone recently completed their RG146 thru if so, is it any good? i have completed my diploma in financial services with kaplan but my accreditation has lapsed. now i only need it for the broking side so don't need to do the whole course again. Thanks
  2. J

    Help in undertaking RG146 (Diploma of Financial Services)

    hey, are there anywebsites that could help me while im doing my diploma of financial services, i saw 1 really good website a couple of weeks ago, and forgot it a few days later :). I spent like 7 hours today on my first topic and still cant finish Part A :((in a project
  3. J

    RG146 question

    hey guys, i just wanna ask you a question that im struggling with in my workbook, i just started today and i got a few problems :) the question is: Question 2 Marks allocated: 3 marks The financial service industry consists of many interrelated sectors. Describe the following sectors...
  4. warennie

    How do I prove that I am RG146 compliant?

    Hey guys, Went to uni, made sure i would be RG146 compliant, now getting a job and they want to see that I am compliant... How do i prove this? Is there a certificate? My graduation is next month, so maybe they'll give me a certificate or something, but i'd like to get it now so I can get...
  5. F

    RG146 & CFA Level 1

    Hi ! I passed CFA Level 1 and I noticed you can take a complementary exam to get the RG146. What is exactly the RG146 ? How useful is it to get a job in finance ? (what kind of jobs ?) Are there any job whiche require to have a RG146 ? (which one ?) Thanks in advance :)