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  1. K

    IG Markets review/experiences?

    Hey all, Anyone in here use IG as there broker ? I'm thinking of creating a CFD account with them as they offer a numerous amount of instruments to trade I am using the demo account they offer. Has anyone had any experience using there live account ? Apart from the online reviews I have read I...
  2. Joe Blow

    Mobile phone reviews and recommendations

    It looks like my iPhone 4S is finally giving up the ghost after many years of faithful service and I am now in the market for something new. I am considering giving an Android phone a try as I'm not loyal to Apple and the number and variety of Android phones seems to have proliferated in recent...
  3. S

    Australian Share Broker Roundup Review

    Hi guys, I struggled with finding decent resources that looked at comparing different brokers so I went through the pain of signing up to 5 different brokers and posting the information that I learnt from the process. Hopefully someone will find it useful and save them the hassle that I had...
  4. M

    Anyone used (EQ Trading)

    Just getting into shares again. I tried buying managed funds through financial planners right before the GFC and lost 6 figures. Im only now just getting whats left of my money as the funds have been suspended. Im now looking at doing the research my self and learning slowly. How ever ive been...